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Even though Miles Between Us is a road trip movie, all of the principal photography was filmed in Minnesota.  We mostly filmed in and around the Twin Cities but we went as far north as Harris, MN and as far south as Northfield.


The screenwriter/producer, Scott Peterson and his Dad, Arvid Peterson (above), drove from California to South Carolina and filmed scenery shots to make the audience believe that the characters were traveling across the country.


This is Dariush Moslemi's 3rd feature film.  He was also in the films Catching Faith and The Current.  In The Current, which is also from ii Films, Dariush plays the father of one of the lead characters and his role is pivotal to the plot.  His was one of the standout performances in the film.  You can see the trailer HERE, purchase the DVD HERE or wherever you normally download movies.


The budget of the entire production was only $75,000 - or as we like to say "a .075 million dollar budget".  We strive to be good stewards of the blessings that God has given us.  We are very thankful to those people that donated their God-given talents to the making of the movie as well as our generous sponsors.


Our director, Andrew Hunt, was on a filmmaking reality competition show called "On The Lot," produced by Steven SpielbergMark Burnett, and David Goffin.  His work was selected out of over 12,000 submissions and made the top 50 finalists and then appeared on the show.  He made the top 18 eventually leaving the show in 6th place after some very memorable films and a phenomenal pitch to the shows hosts/judges Garry Marshall, Carrie Fisher, and Brett Ratner.  We were very blessed to have this level of talent working on our film.