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We were blessed on both of our films to have AMAZING soundtracks.  The soundtrack is available on both Amazon and iTunes and features songs from 513 Free, Noah Reagh, Chris Chickering, Matt McCasland, Will Wojcik and Adam Hepner, Jester, Alexon, Jonesworship, Jillian Edwards, Emily Cole, Erica Janey, and Trevor Morgan.  ii Films doesn't make any money on the sale of the soundtrack... we want all of the money to go to them as a thank you for lending their talents to our film.


There are 3 scenes that take place in convenience stores which are supposed to be in different states.  All three scenes were filmed in one day at Bill's Superette in Nowthen, MN all on the same day - while the store was open.  They were incredibly gracious to offer us access like that and we really appreciate it.


Recognize the waiter?  That is Dave Harper.  He played Mark Larson in The Current and was kind enough to drive to the Twin Cities from Green Bay, WI to be in Miles Between Us.  You'd never guess that the scene was filmed at about 2:30 in the morning!


One day while filming a scene in a parking lot, suddenly the area was surrounded by bounty hunters.  Evidently, a fugitive was staying nearby and had escaped out a window when he saw bounty hunters' vehicles in the area.  The cast and crew all hid out in the production motorhome until the coast was clear.  Then we all went back to the filming.


Did you know that your church can purchase a Public Showing License and then show Miles Between Us as a family night or part of a neighborhood outreach - or better yet to wrap up or begin a sermon series on marriage.  What a great tool to use to bring up deep conversations or to just enjoy with your family.  Licenses are available HERE.