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For our "breaking news" segment, producer Scott Peterson called a couple of voices from the past.  Our news anchor was played by Ric Blackwell, an old friend that Scott worked with at Walk Disney World in 1984.  The Australian reporter was voiced by Narcia Melle who lived with the Peterson family in 1981 as a foreign exchange student.


You would never know it by from watching her performance in Miles Between Us, but this is Anna Stranz's first feature film.  She beat out dozens of actresses to win the part.  With six of us grading the auditions, Anna stood out.


In our first movie, The Current, we wanted a traditional church with a white steeple and asked our friends if they knew of any that were close by.  Our friend Bethany Stiles recommended the Fish Lake Lutheran Church (is that not the perfect name for a church in Minnesota?).  When it came time to look for a church for Miles Between Us, we turned to our friends at FLL and they were kind enough to allow us to film again in their beautiful church.


Luke Dauer is a movie producer in Miles Between Us so we filled his office with mocked up movie posters which were created by our sister-in-law, Julia Peterson.  But we decorated Luke's personal office space with a poster from our first film, The Current.


You can watch Miles Between Us nearly everywhere you normally watch movies.  Right now the DVD is only available at MilesBetweenUs.com but if you want to rent or purchase it digitally - it's out there waiting for you.