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Not quite the same is it?  Our original title was "Four Days Alone in a Car" when the script was a finalist for the Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays and during the casting process.  A friend of the producers, Michelle Kizzier, came up with "Miles Between Us" and we are forever grateful.


The "hospital" that we used in the movie was actually a "Simulation Lab" at Rasmussen College's nursing school in the Twin Cities.


Speaking of the hospital scene, our patient extra was played by one of the sweetest ladies from our church, Kathy "The Hugger" Hammond.  She got her nickname by famously hugging everyone that she comes in contact with at church.  She said that the hour that she laid in that bed was the longest she had ever been quiet in her life.


Full circle - a few things to notice when you watch the first and last scenes of Miles Between Us - both of which take place at an airport. 

- The first two words and the last two words in the movie. 

- The weather in the first scene is rain - the last one - bright and sunny.

- The first scene dark night - the last one - bright and sunny.


Speaking of the weather in the first scene - if you watch closely you will notice the windows of our "Airport" light up with a lightning strike behind the camera as Luke's suitcase is being loaded into the Limo.  That was not special FX; it was an effect provided by God.